Saturday, September 20, 2008

Woes is me! My First Pang of this Recession

Today is Saturday.
I love my weekends, because I can do what ever I want. Today, I want to go shopping.

I CANNOT GO. Why? This is not the best use of my money. Instead, I made a mortgage payment and resolved to re-wear something in my closet.

It is a shame, when all my thoughts circulate around paying bills and cutting budget. HONESTLY this Shyt sucks. How can 8 years pass, and our economy friggin slip into a recession? Right at the pinnacle of my Buppieness??!

The other day, I was discussing compensation with my boss. She told me about the theory of how young people in corporate America, are not too crazy about receiving stock options, and rather receive their money upfront.

You know what, can you blame us? I have about 2000 shares in my company. When I joined it was $17 bucks, but did not get approved for me until it was 22. The highest I saw it was $35. And now its worth $22 bucks. WTF am I suppose to do with that? GIVE ME CASH, so I can pay off my friggin student loans, or a car note. I am all about being debt free, and stock options in this day in age, are not friggin helping me.

Student LOANS make me sick. You know what, I am going to do them, how the government does me. You get your money, when I feel like paying ya. It almost like a waste of time to really pay this ish. I am planning to be back in school for my masters in Fall 09. Accuring more debt, and more interest. PLUS this ish is like outrageous amout, when you are coming out of school. Its hard to relate it to ish in your life now. Mortage/Rent: Thats cool because you see how a roof over your head everday is important. Car payment, thats cool because you need to get back and forth. But student loans....I mean a education is good and all, but really how you going to charge me for something I have to do to get a job and money. I have to get a job and money to be a tax paying citzen. Its almost like damn if you do, damned if you dont!

Really, what is killing me is the fact that I do not see soo much of my check. I only see about 60% of paycheck. The rest goes to shyt, thats never going to help me, such as social security.
You should have a choice to pay your SS or your Student loans, through government deductions. I would quickly raise my hand for them to deduct their loan payments instead. Being that I will not recieve any benefits from Social Security.

I am so depressed, my buppie lifestyle is on halt. I have made the decision not to make any major purchases (including hair, clothes, home improvements) untill 2009. (I dont know about clothes part, but I have to try!)

I have signficantly cut my entertainment budget as well, which is normal anyway, because the the weather has changed, but now its like I can really only go out when its free before 11. No drinks at the BAR and Fellas I aint going to be mad if you aint buying! It would show me you are fiscally irresponsible !

So due to this recession bull shyt, I have to go out in old a$$ clothes thirsty? Thus, I do not even go out anymore. Then Im stuck in the crib, which would be ok. I have A WII, TV right? There never seems to be anything good on TV and dammit, I am tired of playing the same wii games. CANNOT BUY more Games.

In times, like these the only things you should spend your money on is FOOD, SHELTER, Transport to the job. Everything else is frivolous! What type of life is this??!!!


DCBG said...

yup, I hear you! it's rough out here, something we all can relate to.

if i didn't have bad luck, i'd have no luck at all said...

I wish I felt sorry for your current cost-cutting state of affairs. Having to pinch pennies is never fun, but the reality is, it's what the majority of us have been and should have been doing for the last eight years. If the current administration has taught us nothing, it's that you can't spend without having an equal or greater amount in the bank/stock options/savings/the cookie jar to match or offset spending. We are reaping the rewards of our insatiable need to spend, spend, spend for tomorrow we die and who gives a fuck. (And sadly, those of us who do give a fuck are paying for those who don't.)

I hope your situation, and the rest of the country's, improves soon. Until then, there are worse things than having to wear the same outfit twice: Death comes to mind.

FocusedFemaleGem said...

I feel you....

I try to pay about 1500/mo in loans. It's not a game...

But I am sooo cool with staying home (if i get that...its about that time for me to be working 70-80hr weeks till march).... Thank Goodness for DVR.....Football season, BRAVO TV and Hereos!! Lets not forget the gym!

Make it work!

Anonymous said...

Saw u on C& D

The Tenant said...

word son, that's the truth. But it ain't trickin if you got it, so I haven't cut down my spendin at all. And you see 60% of your check? I see like 50%. If I didn't have to pay back this 50K in loans, I would be beyond balling. I would be coaching. I always wish to win the lottery, but not the entire thing. Just enough for my loans...:( I do wish the government would bail us out too, just like they've been doing businesses. Matter of fact, if the government bailed us out instead of the banks, we might see a growth in the economy. People would start spendin more and aquire the debt credit card companies love to see.
And now time for a shameless plugin:

TheFreshPrincess said...'re so right. I can curb the hair (do my own), entertainment (let guys handle that), and drinks (I'm a babysitter at the bar anyway) but I don't know about the clothes! Plus, I work in Manhattan so that is a daily challenge!

Amir F. said...

hold up...u got a Wii? That's what's up. I definitely feel you about everything. Same here, same here. I've never been a club person anyway, so lounges if anything for me. Any drinking, cooking, or chilling is either with friends or family. i feel u 100%

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