Friday, September 12, 2008

A Decent Analogy from Steve Harvey

Quite often in the morning I listen to the Steve Harvey Show and I must say I enjoy it. The one thing that I particularly appreciate about Steve Harvey is the fact that when it comes to relationships he tells it like it is! ESPECIALLY to the WOMEN! He does not sugar coat anything for the ladies and points out things that we should know about the male psyche and where a lot of women make common mistakes when dealing with men. And these common mistakes are ones they make over and over and then wonder why they still don't have the man they so desperately want. He was also saying how men can only get away with what you let them and will only push the envelope as far as you will allow as a woman. Today was a particularly interesting show because a male listener wrote in talking about the "game" of men and it spurred up some interesting dialogue. Steve went back to a lot of the common complaints he gets from women about men and put it in a spiritual perspective.

Women are always saying they are doing what they should to get a man looking in the right places and such when in actuality they are not. Then they go asking GOD why haven't you sent me my soulmate yet. GOD is similar to a football coach. He says run down 5 yards do a lil jook and jive then cut over 10 yards. The player says ok. So then the player goes out runs down 5 yards does a lil jook and jive and then cuts over only 6 yards and goes hollering "I'm open!" The play doesn't work because the player doesn't follow the coaches instructions. And the coach is like wait, wait did you not hear what I said? So they run the play again and the player starts well again and at the end runs 8 yards instead of 10 and guess what....the play still doesn't work. Well in the cases we are talkin about women are wondering why their play hasn't worked but GOD is saying I told you not to sleep with that man yet. OR I told you not to start talking to that same man you been messing with again just because this other thing aint work. These mistakes that women make are equivalent to not following the coach's play instructions and then they wonder why GOD hasn't sent them their perfect man yet. He may have sent him and you just misread the play!

You know what Steve.... I think this is a GREAT analogy!


Soul Status said...

Dayum yo u are quick. I'm an avid listener of Steve in the morning and I most definitely heard this analogy. It was perfect. And I use "perfect" because though he was talking about women, I took that message and saw it as one that EVERYONE should adhere to. It's a general message that men and women struggle with. Stopping short of the goal always leads to dissatisfaction in our lives.


D said...

Very fast. I also listen to the Steve Harvey morning show and I agree that he is candid.

His comments bring to light an ancient struggle. Men and women have to choose between what is right and what is easy.

Being patient is difficult.

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