Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Buppie Don't: Cheap TV Shows!


I cannot believe this! Poor representation of what TV execs think a buppie is!!!

I hope...


Taurus Lady said...

Wow, so that's a buppie according to Hollywood? A black version of the Hills, with a sprinkle of controversy? How come I didn't see any of them being in college and working on their grind to become succesful? So according to Hollywood being a walking black stereotype as well as being superficial and wealthy is synonymous to being a buppie? How come I didn't see ANYONE in the cast with whom I can relate to?

Hollywood wants to know what a real buppie is, then they need to come read our blogs every week to see what we're really about.

P.S. I LOVE your blog!

Anonymous said...

First of all: I LOVE THE BLOG LADIES!!!! Almost as funny as you two are in real life...and quite real too.

As for this "tv show": I clicked on the video hoping to see a hip show about young black professionals doing their thing and instead i got an ultra obnoxious BAP, and insecure superficial black Paris Hilton wanna-be and a stank chick with her nose so far in the air she can't smell the sh*t on her mans...well ya know! This is disappointing and a misrepresentation on what a Buppie is! And please don't get me started on the DL story line...TIRED!

Kimeisha Hollands said...

Hmmm. I must admit, I'm usually pretty cynical, but I'm kinda excited about this show. It looks like fun and they're cute kids. And on C&D it says it's a webseries produced by Tatianna and some friends coming out later this fall. I'd much rather watch it on TV than on my laptop, but I can't (won't) hate on young black people trying to do something different. Especially in Hollywood where the networks have completely edged us out. Did you hear about what happened with the Game? I heard that and that Chris Rock show will be axed by next season. My brother is a producer out in LA, so I gotta hear about this shizz all the time.

Anonymous said...

1. whats with the homo thug moment
2. i still want to smash tatiana
3. this crap sux, i will not watch.
4. i may re-consider cuz i still wanna smash tatiana.

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