Friday, September 12, 2008

GAME . . . Get Some! What Women Really Want??

Fellow Bups, the weather is changing outside. Time to find the person to keep you warm! Right?!

I consider myself a well rounded buppie. I am not Gabrielle Union, nor am I a Bust it Baby. But often times the very few ( little to none) times, in which I am approached by a male, I always get a goon, guber dude. I do not know why? I do exude Buppiness to the T, and know for some that can be intimidating. Never does the decent male buppie with a bit of swag approach me. WOES is me... But anyway, I came across this excerpt of this Kenya Moore's Book.

I know you guys know this already, but us women laugh behind your back at you tactics of courting. In general the feedback varies from OVERALL CORNBALL to a Woman being INSTANTLY OPEN!

"GAME . . . Get Some! What Women Really Want
Who better to coach a guy on how to get the girl of his dreams than a beautiful woman? It's a slam dunk for actress and former Miss USA Kenya Moore in her new sports-themed book, Game, Get Some! Among her game rules for the first month of dating: Don't be too available when she calls. Don't call a woman more than twice a week after meeting her. Don't reveal your salary. Never complain or point out things you don't like about her. Moore explains, "I believe there are some great men out there, but they may have good intentions, but they don't have any technique. The book is my way to give them a road map to showing their true intentions in a relationship…"
"Game Rules" for the First Month
It's crucial not to commit a penalty when you first meet someone.
  • Don't call a woman more than three times without getting a return call
  • Don't call a woman more than twice a week after meeting her
  • Don't send multiple "unanswered" emails or text messages
  • Don't spend more than 15 minutes talking to her in initial conversations
  • Don't tell her your life story when getting acquainted
  • Don't share your baby mama drama with her
  • Don't reveal your salary
  • Don't introduce her to your entire family
  • Don't be too available when she calls
  • Don't complain about your life; always be positive
  • Don't take her as your date to a wedding
  • Never complain or point out things you don't like about her

How To Get Her Open

  • Get her to like you and like your company. "Remain confident and show no signs of intimidation."
  • Always compliment her. "Let her know if she is looking extra fine." [LOOK DO NOT BE CORNY WITH IT. ]
  • Women love affection. "Whether that means holding her hand every now and then, or giving her a tight and sensual hug, make sure you focus is always on her. [DO NOT TOUCH HER UNLESS SHE TOUCHES YOU FIRST!]
  • Keep in contact with short messages, texts or emails. "Do not attempt to write a book on her cell phone. Just a, 'Hey, I miss the way you smell,' will drive her insane." [WORKS EVERYTIME!]
  • Don't be corny. No mixed tapes or CDs at first. "You can cleverly make a tape and play it while she is visiting . . . but if you are just getting to know her, try buying a CD of her favorite artist. But no mixed tapes, they reveal too much."
  • Pay attention to what she says she likes. "This small show of interest will gain points quickly."
  • Go places she wants to go. "Go out of your way to plan something that she likes." [DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH LETTING HER PLAN THE DATE, STEP UP BE A MAN AND PLAN THE DATE]
  • Call her frequently at first. "Call her in the beginning of the relationship then abruptly not call her for a week. . . if she gets used to you and you become predictable, she may lose interest." [YEP!]
  • Never forget her birthday. "If you want to turn a woman completely off, then forget her birthday. To be safe, plan ahead." " [OH THIS HAPPENED TO ME. NEEDLESS TO SAY HE WAS IMMEDIATELY CUT OFF!]

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