Saturday, September 13, 2008

Strictly Platonic?

I truly value the relationships I have with people. I am one of those people who meticulously picks how close I will let people get to me. I like definition, and once a relationship is defined in my head, I do not cross those lines. But damn, I have really GREAT Male Buppie Friends. Dudes with focus, humor, and not bad on the eye either.

It makes me think. How many of us have successfully crossed the line, and made more than friendship with a friend? You can call it: Fuck Buddy, Friends with benefits, whatever.

I don't think this works. It almost always complicates things. This is one of the main reasons, why I have definitive friends. You either surely my male friend/homie. Or you are a male I am entertaining either to get to know, or smash, or to eventually end up on the homie list. Until you are put in the right catergory, you are essentially in LALA Land.

Lets make distinctions here, because it can become confusing.

If you just met a chick and you are building a rapport and decide its going to be a smash and dinner thing. This is perfectly acceptable as you defined the relationship from the onslaught.

However, if you had a female friend for sometime, told her about you smashing, or caring or talking about other women, and up and decide one day you want to smash your best female buddy!

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