Monday, September 29, 2008

No BitchAssNess

"That's a VERY Contagious Sickness thats out here in our community"-Diddy

I cannot describe the very essence of this word. I mean where was this phrase 4 years ago?? Diddy thank you.


First and foremost, IMO this term really doesn't apply to women. Why? Cause the very basis of the word Bitch is female. Therefore, expressing that women has bitchassness is like being repetitive. It's inherent(Thanks D) in a woman's being.

NOW MALES, This term is, can, and will be applied to you. It was made for you.
Even before the term was released, I have had experiences and seen others with experiences with males with this disease. It's frustrating to spend your time getting to know a male, and find out he has this diease. It it was up to me, you all would be stamped on your FOREHEAD! That way folks can avoid the time your bitchassness sucks from folks lives.

It's running rampant. Just to illustrate my point:

  • You are not about anything! . I mean its one thing if you do not do shyt, but then the nerve of you to complain about it?? WTF. Get it together, change it ! Adjust your situation. Why I got to hear how bad your situation is?? BITCHASSNESS
  • Why you lying? I mean just lying about little stuff. Is that your Range Rover? Yes. ----Two Weeks later---- Why your cousin always pushing your car? That was my cousin, I mean its really the family car, we all use it. Why are you lyng? Was that necessary? BITCHASSNESS
  • Inconsiderate MOFOS! If you ask someone to go out in the early evening 7pmish directly after work, go to FREE MOVIE, then say bye with no meal ?? Not only are you cheap, you have BITCHASSNESS!
  • I cannot think for myself. When you let your dudes/ companions dictate your actions. i.e You see an attractive person, who may not be attractive to your friends. You let you friends tear he/she down, and even though you really digged her/him, you let go. OR you even when you are a relationship this can occur.
  • If see an attractive person in the club, been drinking, and you continually harass this person, and do not even buy them a drink! You breath smells like a humdinger, but naaaaaaaw. You gotta chase them around the club and not even buy them a drink. BITCHASSNESS!
  • Bitchassness could be when you a smashing more than one person, catch a STD know you burning, but when one the people you were sexing calls and tell you, they burning, YOU BLAME them for burning you! BITCHASSNESS.

Watch out! It's coming for ya!!


Amir F. said...

ROTFLMAO! too funny...and yet true...i can think of a few dudes with bitchassness, and it angers me cause they owe me should coin the term in reference to women. no words come to my mind.

D said...

I CAN describe the very essence of the word; it's called cowardice. And I agree and disagree with you. Cowardice applies to men and women. But, sure there are male cowards out there.

Women lie about their achievements, lead people on, and even spread virulent diseases.

Moreover, a club is a den of cowards, rather one conducive to them. Consider the following: low lighting, alcohol acting as a bottled bravery, loud music to overwhelm immature words, and so on.

But, the lack of self respect! "Cause the very basis of the word bitch is's inherit [inherent] in a woman's being."

If that's how you see yourself...

Up&Coming Buppie said...

I think a better way to put it may be that it is more socially acceptable for a woman to act bitchy instead of it being "inherent in a woman's being". Every woman acts bitchy from time to time and society often takes it as just a woman in one of her "moods". But if a guy acts in this manner it is looked upon as "bitchassness" plain and simple because there seems to be less tolerance for a whinin ass man....

Just my thoughts

The District's Buppie said...

Thanks D Correction made, Valid opinion

D said...

Thank you both for clarifying. By the way I was only expressing concern, not condescension.

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